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Terms and Conditions

By using the services offered on, the user agrees to the terms mentioned herewith:

  1. The user should carefully read all the terms and conditions of this online company and in particular should note the description of gifts, shipping, declaration and destination information before placing the order.
  2. Currently is only accepting deliveries within the city of Nairobi, Kenya
  3. Delivery time is 72hrs from the date of the receipt of this order. However, the company will make every effort to deliver the gifts on the selected particular date.
  4. Orders once placed cannot be returned or exchanged. The company has no exchange or return policy.
  5. During occasions, orders are processed by the FIFO (First in First out) principle. Thus, orders received late (closer to the occasion date), your order might be delivered on the next working day or later.
  6. On occasions, owing to the number of orders, the order might be delivered before or after the selected date.
  7. The date of delivery selected by the customer will only be applicable to perishable gifts like flowers, cakes, fruits etc.
  8. may bring out different promotions from time to time. Customers are requested to note that in one order - only one promotion can be applied and not more than one.
  9. Any Defects found in the gifts should be reported by the recipient or the sender within 24 hours of such receipt of the gift. Otherwise, the gifts shall be considered as utilised and any subsequent request to replace the same will be rejected. 
    1. Goods damaged during shipment and / or transportation will only be replaced if the damaged goods are sent back by the recipient within twenty four (24) hours of such receipt.
    2. The cost of courier, if any, shall be borne by the person sending the gifts.
    3. The company shall not be liable for any loss of goods or gifts during transit and the security of such goods during transit shall not be the company’s responsibility.
  10. No claiming of whatsoever nature under any circumstances will be entertained by the company other than the claim for 100% refund of payment made and all such claims if made, must be raised within 24 hours of delivery or non delivery of the goods.
    1. Any refund, if made, shall be made within thirty (30) to forty five (45) days of the request.
  11. Where delivery of certain unavoidable circumstances, the company will make 100% refund of the money to the customer within thirty five (35) days of such receipt.
  12. Complaints received after 15 days of Order Date / Shipment Date, whichever is later will not be entertained. Refund requests should be made within 1 day of the shipment / delivery date. The company will not be responsible for any delay / non-delivery of the order by the vendors or because of flood, fire, wars, act of God or riots / disturbances or for any reason that are beyond our control. For such orders a complete refund will be provided.
  13. For orders in which problem arose owing to the mistake of the user such as supply of wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, the company will not give any refund and redelivery charges, if any shall be borne by the user.
  14. Requests for cancellation of orders will not be entertained.
  15. The Company does not take any responsibility for any losses, expenses, quality of products or services, damages and / or taxes / incurred by Users / Vendors in the use of our facility. The price you pay includes the vendor cost inclusive of all taxes and our service charge.
  16. The company reserve the right to change the price of any gift, without prior notice.
  17. Note that the cakes offered on our website are from one of the best bakeries in Kenya.
  18. The actual shape of the Cake is subject to change and may vary as per the availability in the delivery city.
  19. If you are ordering a cake, please request the recipient to check the cake at the time of receiving it. Cakes, being perishable in nature - should be refrigerated immediately. The cake should be consumed on the same day or within 8 hours of receiving it. Any complains for cake should be reported within 4 hours of consumption.
  20. The company reserve the right to cancel any order without providing any reason. This will be regardless of whether the payment has been confirmed / received. Payment for the cancelled orders will be refunded and the user will be informed. Refund can sometimes take up to 31 days to take effect.
  21. Floral arrangements/decorations/bouquets shown are indicative only. The accessories shown are not a part of the product unless categorically mentioned. Flowers being seasonal in nature, the actual arrangement might vary due to variability/availability of flowers.
  22. In an event the ordered flowers / sweets / chocolates/ are not available at a particular time; they will be replaced with available flowers / sweets / chocolates of equal or higher value without further consent.
  23. The user agrees to give the correct information which is true and authentic. The company reserves the right to confirm the information provided by the user. We also reserve the right to disallow any user to use this website and may reject / cancel the registration without providing any reason whatsoever.
  24. If the selected courier does not have the service for the destination, an alternative courier will be selected which serves the destination.
  25. All deliveries shall be done during the day time between 10 AM to 5 PM. If a customer has mentioned a specified time of delivery, the company will endeavour to make the delivery within that time.
    1. The goods conveyed shall only be delivered at a residence or a business address and not to a wedding hall/Venue/Church. 
    2. All hand delivered goods shall be delivered to any address given by the customer.
  26. The Billing name which you have entered is the name which will be disclosed to the recipient. In case, the name which will go with the gifts is different than the Billing name, please email us the Billing Name after you complete the order.
  27. The user confirms that he / she is at least 18 (eighteen) years of age or has a consent of a parent or a legal guardian to transact business with the company.
  28. We will not be held liable for any credit card fraud that occurs on its website. Users have to use only their card when they make their payments. The liability of using a fraudulent credit card lies on the user and the responsibility to establish otherwise shall exclusively be the users’.
  29. In case of any problem with the Electronic products or any other product which carry a Guarantee/ Warranty. The product has to be delivered to the manufacturers/ distributors premises along with the Original Guaranty/Warranty card and Original Invoice for necessary check/repair/replacement. Any cost incurred thereof, for transport/delivery/repair/etc shall be borne by the Customer.
  30. The price displayed on the website includes Product price, Service Cost, Taxes, Bank Processing Charges and other commissions.
  31. For any further clarifications on the terms and conditions of use, please do contact
  32. In case of requirement of any special products for gifts, please email to us. If possible, the company can agree to deliver the required goods by mutual consent on special case basis.
  33. All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, in the Site, information content on the Site and all the website design, including, but not limited to text, graphics, software, photos, video, music, sound, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software shall remain our property. The entire contents of the Site also are protected by copyright as a collective work under Kenyan copyright laws and international conventions. All rights are reserved.